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Monday, October 29, 2007


Not posted anything about free downloads for ages… so here be a quick mention of something that will have you lubricating your living room.

Our old friend SAT has a new mix, Revolutionary Dreams available on BoomBox and it has to be said it is one of his best, some mighty fine funky stuff.. some of it new, some of it reworkings of stuff that will be familiar. Drop by his myspace and follow the links of go straight to BoomBox. You will note that there are two dub mixes there that he put together earlier this year… down load them as well.. crucial!

While we are at it, we were looking at some of the links he has given on his myspace to the artists on this latest offering, and we came across BelgaBootlegs, where there are loads of mash up mpfrees to down load. Gwan, give ya lugs a treat.


Saturday, October 27, 2007


Hay on Fire has been happening for a good few years now. The last one we went to must be about 15 years ago, but we are not sure if they have had one every year since then. Basically, it is a cross between a pagan Halloween thing, a battle re-enactment, a firework display and .. well, a few other things chucked in for good measure.

There had been things going on most of the day, lantern making workshops, Morris dancing with fire etc, but because of the weather we waited till late and headed up in time to get a good view of the lantern procession.

Hay on Wye is a nice little town, it is in the record books for having more books shops per head of population than any other town in the world, and it is home the Hay Cinema bookshop, the largest second hand bookshop in the world. The Valleys, it is not.

The procession was led by a steam engine, piercing the air with its whistles and bringing with it thoughts of a dragon straight out of the industrial revolution. Behind it all manner of dragons, dancers, drummers and lantern carriers. Off we were led, through the town, through the village and down to the river.

Once at the river we were treated to a feast of flame and sparks to invoke the spirit of times gone by in some far off Tolkien land. Fireworks illuminates the sky, dragons raced around the field and minstrels made merry as the bookworms gathered on the embankment overlooking the arena.

We wont wait 15 years to go again.



Liverpools legendary Kop, watch out lads, the Blue Army is coming... calm down calm down

I was so pleased with myself, managing to keep this blog going for so long, updated on a regular basis. Things seem to have fallen by the wayside though. No point going into the reason for that, I am sure I have mentioned them before, but in an effort to kick-start some life back into this site, here is an A-Z of what is in my head this morning.
  1. ANFIELD: Tickets have arrived today for Cardiff city’s first game against Liverpool in 50 odd years in the legendary (and soon to be demolished) scouse ground.
  2. BEATRIX POTTER: Just watched her life story on DVD with my little un
  3. CRUMPETS: What I wanted for breakfast this morning
  4. DON BRADMANS: Got to get my head around writing up the interview I did with them in the summer
  5. EATER: Ordered a CD by them ages ago and it has not arrived yet, must chase it up
  6. FIRE: Off to Hay On Wye later for this years Hay on Fire
  7. GRANGE END: Building work progressing on the new Cardiff City stadium, gonna miss the old one
  8. HEMP COAT: had it 18 months now, bought it in Amsterdam, but it is so warm I have hardly worn it since… gonna wear it to Hay tonight
  9. INTERVIEW: received notification this week that I have been short listed for a two day long interview in Brighton
  10. JUICE IN MY HAND: Apple
  11. KAVA KAVA: Downloaded Beats For Cheats EP this week
  12. LONG WAY DOWN: Current book I am reading
  13. MESS: The state on iguana HQ… it has GOT to be sorted!
  14. NO IDEA why I am writing this
  15. OPTIMISTIC: My mood… as it usually is
  16. POLICE BASTARD: Back catalogue CD landed here recently, awesome
  17. QUALITY TIME with Tara Iguana this weekend, gets better all the time
  18. RESTARTS: Getting my head around reviewing latest CD
  19. STRIKE: Awaiting result of strike ballot which closed yesterday
  20. TOASTED BAGELS: What I had for breakfast.. Tara over ruled the crumpet idea
  21. UNRELIABLE CAR KEY ZAPPER THING: doing my head in
  22. VICIOUS POP: debut album by the Spectaculars landed this week.. needs a pronto review
  23. WASTING TIME: Wring this list when I could be doing something on the main website… or tidying HQ even!
  24. XENOPHOBIC… A one time friend that has been in touch today
  25. Y-CANT Cardiff City keep a clean sheet?
  26. ZION TRAIN REMIX; On the Kava Kava EP