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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Well…. It has been a long time has it not? I have not abandoned this blog, merely been busy doing things and not writing about them. The summer is now officially over, so theoretically I should have more time, but it don’t quite work like that.

The football season has started and there have been a few good away trips with Cardiff City already; and now that the festival season is almost over (Skanival still to come next weekend) indoor gigs are the order of the day again.

There is much to be done on the Peppermint Iguana website and I really should be concentrating on writing for that rather than blogging, but just by a way of letting you know we are still alive, here be a bit of a list of things that will be added to the web in the near future…..

Interview with Nick Turner, one time member of Hawkwind but now busy with a shed load of other musical projects (this one is going to be a long one, boy can he talk!)

Interview with Ozric Tentacles, contenders for out favourite band of all time, unfortunately not quite as talkative as Nik

Interview with The Don Bradmans, the champions of ‘Chap Rock’ and as it turns out mates of ours from previous bands we have worked with, such as Tofu Love Frogs and Headmix Collective

Review of Workhouse Festival… it was muddy! tales of mud, mud and more mud.

Review of Eastern Haze festival… it was a long way away and took forever to get to, but was worth it! Tales of backstage shenanigans, AOS3 slot being rearranged so many times we ended up missing it, meeting old friends from all over the country, the sun showing its face for the first time all summer and generally having a wonderful time. Ohh… and Chris Bowsher on stage with PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review of Big Green Gathering… a bit of a rip off for the punters really, but luckily we did not have to pay! Tales of running an anarchist stall, facilitating workshops, strikes by horse drawn travellers, vegan breakfasts, goblin gong baths, farm house cider and seeing Inner Terrestrials five times in four days.

Review of Endorse It In Dorset Festival… If was hot! Tales of factor 40 sun cream, cementing relationships from last year, kids losing milk teeth and the return of The Tofu Love Frogs.

Reviews of some books…. ‘The Hawkwind Saga’, ‘Diary of Teenage Punk Rocker’ (Autobiography of Andy Blade from Eater), 'Bash The Rich' (Autobiography of Ian Bone, founder of Class War)

Reviews of CDs, including…. Alabama 3, Sendelica, Scrap Records Punk Compilation, Broken, Powersteppers meet Molara, Temple Hedz, Sub Giant, Peyote Mothership, Babyhead, Smerin’s Anti Social Club, Citizen Fish/Left Over Crack, Rob Zombie, Undercover Hippy, the Symptoms, Police Bastard, the 2007 Endorse It In Dorset sampler …. and that’s just some of the new ones we have added to the collection over the summer.

On top of all this I am supposed to be redesigning the South Wales Anarchist website, bringing about the downfall of capitalism and saving the planet. If that was not enough, I am toying with the idea of writing a book! It’s a hard life. Could be worse, I could be sat watching the telly worrying about who to vote for in ‘Can’t sing, Wont Sing’