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Monday, March 05, 2012

The Peppermint Iguana Radio Show Number 12: what's coming up on the dirty dozen?

Yep, it’s a Peppermint Iguana Tuesday this week.

Two weeks is a long time in the world of rock and roll and we can confirm that the rift between John and Clint over the play list mix up is now almost healed. The problem is, he was as a little ‘tired and emotional’ (wrecked) when he gave Clint this weeks play list to sort out and he was shouting numbers instead of words – so if there are any mistakes this week, it will be his fault.

Clint’s Play List – will include US pre-punk legends The MC5, a new track from the forthcoming The Skints album, prolific DJ/Producer Gaudi, New England's Indie/West-African Psychadelic Funk darlings Barika, an interesting remix from Subsource, me usual ‘old skool punk’ slot, me ‘when indie meant something’ slot and a new ‘music from the movies’ slot.

Silver John’s Play List – will include festival legends The Tofu Love Frogs, the band that launched a thousand flat tops - Theatre Of hate, Joe Strummers pre-clash pub rock outfit The 101ers, Reggae from Big Youth, soul from The Impressions and his ever so clever ‘original and cover back to back’ slot.

Of course, this is just a taster to whet your appetite, there will, as ever, be loads more treats for you heads hearts and feets

So, log on to from 8pm on Tuesday 6th March, set fire to the telly, get naked and dance like nobody is watching.

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