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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Peppermint Iguana Radio Show Number 10: THE WANDERER RETURNED

The wanderer returned this week, after skiving off to watch Cardiff City secure a place in the league Cup Final two weeks ago, the silver one was back at the controls (well, sat near a mike anyway). After several weeks of arguing about the pros of playing long tracks (and the cons of not playing them), we came up with a play list that allowed us to play 27 of our 28 track play list. Yeah!

Unfortunately, we need to apologise to Spiderbait for forgetting to tell people it was them covering Black Betty, and we own an apology to Chaz’s son Hunter, for referring to him as Chaz’s little girl. Other than that it went like a dream. The full play list, together with links to find out more about the bands can be found here

Included in the links you will note links to Efa Supertramp’s soundcloud, where you can download a shed load of her music for nout and if you go to the Sonic Boom Six website and join their mailing list, you will be able to download their acoustic EP, again, gratis.

Oh – and thanks to captain paranoid (Chaz) for donating some radio artwork for the website. You is a diamond geezer

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