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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

RADIO SHOW NUMBER ELEVEN: "I didn't bloody want that song!"

Irony of ironies, after going to great lengths to keep the songs on the play list short so we could actually play everything, for technical reasons we don’t need to go into, the show before us ended early, meaning we ended up having to waffle to pad the show out for an extra three minutes. But hey, which ever way you look at it we finally got to play 28 songs.

Actually, that is not quite the whole picture, that should mean we played 14 each, but in fact due to a break down in communication, one of Johns songs turned into one of mine, in that there was a misunderstanding about which Flowered Up track got played, so we played my favourite, not Johns. The playful banter nearly turned into full on fisticuffs behind the scenes. Oops, sorry john,

Anyway, other than that the show went swimmingly and Vince, our Dapper FM virgin of the week, thought it was groovy.

To find out exactly what we did play GO HERE

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