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Sunday, July 29, 2007

THE SUMMER THAT BLOGS FORGOT: Excuses for not posting

Ozric Tentacles @Eastern Haze
Why the lack of blog posts? To be honest, we have been so busy doing things we have not had time to write about them…. We aim to post some back dated blogs when we have five minutes, but this post is intended to give you a flavour of some of the things we have been up to.

"Now where did i put those wet wipes?"
Well, this definitely will be labelled the summer that the sun forgot. It has rained. Big Time. The Workhouse Festival was mud city; we had to get towed ON to the site. It did not dampen our spirits though and it was still a cracking festival. We were luckier with the Eastern Haze though, despite forecasts that East Anglia would catch it worse than the rest of the country, most of the weekend was spent in shorts and sunglasses. Our mate Sam was not quite so lucky, we received a text from her during the festival to say she had been flooded out in Gloucester.

"Taxi for Mr Blair!"
There have been several gigs, including AOS3 and Citizen Fish but most notably a trip down the Thames on a boat Sex Pistols stylee, to launch the Sick Note single ‘Taxi For Mr Blair’ on the day of Big Toe’s last day in Parliament.

Blogging has not been helped by the fact that we have finally have to admit we have over committed ourselves in good old cyber space. Now that the Peppermint Iguana website is on line we have given that top priority, so although we are not posting here, we are updating the website when we can, plus there’s the Myspace, plus the various message boards, plus the fact that we are trying to re-design the South Wales Anarchist site.

"Taxi for Mr Knevil!"
Add to all this things like Scott May’s Daredevil Stunt Show, the Caerphilly Big Cheese, The Welsh Cider Championships, the release of the Simpson’s Movie and trips to Llandudno and London with work and all in all you get BUSY. As we mentioned, we aim to do some back dated blog posts when we have five minutes, but not sure when that will be because we still have the Big Green Gathering and Endorse It In Dorset to come, not to mention the start of the football season!