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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Taking a hard earned rest after countless late nights working on the zine

Bloody hell, loads happening but no blogging goin’ on! That’s because recent weeks have seen us in a mad rush to get another issue of the zine out. We give ourselves a year to put out an issue but it always ends up one mad rush as we approach festival time. Well folks, we can now officially announce that the latest issue of Peppermint Iguana the Zine is out now!

It contains recent highlights from this ‘ere website, plus loads of new stuff. Recent weeks have been a bit hectic getting it together and we have not had time to upload stuff to the website, so that process will start shortly. We are out and about at festivals for the next few weeks, so we will get onto it when we dry out.

There is an interview with Nik Turner finally written up to go along with The Tofu Love Frogs, Inner terrestrials, Ozric tentacles, and The Don Bradmans; plus articles on F.I.T. Watch (no, not like bay watch, it stands for Forward intelligence Team), aliens over Wales, 9/11 conspiracy theories and a shed load of reviews of CDs and books that have we have been too slack to do in recent months. In the mean time, keep an eye out for us at festivals and get ya copy while it’s hot. If you want to buy a copy mail order, send us a message innit.