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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Liverpools legendary Kop, watch out lads, the Blue Army is coming... calm down calm down

I was so pleased with myself, managing to keep this blog going for so long, updated on a regular basis. Things seem to have fallen by the wayside though. No point going into the reason for that, I am sure I have mentioned them before, but in an effort to kick-start some life back into this site, here is an A-Z of what is in my head this morning.
  1. ANFIELD: Tickets have arrived today for Cardiff city’s first game against Liverpool in 50 odd years in the legendary (and soon to be demolished) scouse ground.
  2. BEATRIX POTTER: Just watched her life story on DVD with my little un
  3. CRUMPETS: What I wanted for breakfast this morning
  4. DON BRADMANS: Got to get my head around writing up the interview I did with them in the summer
  5. EATER: Ordered a CD by them ages ago and it has not arrived yet, must chase it up
  6. FIRE: Off to Hay On Wye later for this years Hay on Fire
  7. GRANGE END: Building work progressing on the new Cardiff City stadium, gonna miss the old one
  8. HEMP COAT: had it 18 months now, bought it in Amsterdam, but it is so warm I have hardly worn it since… gonna wear it to Hay tonight
  9. INTERVIEW: received notification this week that I have been short listed for a two day long interview in Brighton
  10. JUICE IN MY HAND: Apple
  11. KAVA KAVA: Downloaded Beats For Cheats EP this week
  12. LONG WAY DOWN: Current book I am reading
  13. MESS: The state on iguana HQ… it has GOT to be sorted!
  14. NO IDEA why I am writing this
  15. OPTIMISTIC: My mood… as it usually is
  16. POLICE BASTARD: Back catalogue CD landed here recently, awesome
  17. QUALITY TIME with Tara Iguana this weekend, gets better all the time
  18. RESTARTS: Getting my head around reviewing latest CD
  19. STRIKE: Awaiting result of strike ballot which closed yesterday
  20. TOASTED BAGELS: What I had for breakfast.. Tara over ruled the crumpet idea
  21. UNRELIABLE CAR KEY ZAPPER THING: doing my head in
  22. VICIOUS POP: debut album by the Spectaculars landed this week.. needs a pronto review
  23. WASTING TIME: Wring this list when I could be doing something on the main website… or tidying HQ even!
  24. XENOPHOBIC… A one time friend that has been in touch today
  25. Y-CANT Cardiff City keep a clean sheet?
  26. ZION TRAIN REMIX; On the Kava Kava EP



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