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Monday, May 07, 2007

BLOWOUT: like an out door festival, only indoors

The bigger an event, the more there is to miss and with an event of the quality of this years Blowout, there were plenty of opportunities to miss things because of time table clashes. Arriving late does not help matters; we missed Captain Paranoid and the Delusions, The Physicists, Midasuno, Kilnaboy and The Dreadzone Soundsystem. A slightly messed up running order meant we managed to catch a few bands we did not want to see, but we did catch.....
Sick Note rocking da house,

Cosmoboy (Cosmo meets Kilnaboy) rocking the tent and

an on form Ozric Tentacles… although it would have been better if they had the lightshow that was being used in the techno area. The whole event was superb, and hats off to the Blowout posse for putting it together.



At 11:19 am , Blogger flapsandwich said...

fucking great day!


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