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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

COSMO BUYS A ROUND SHOCK: And givin' away CDs!

Cosmo has come in for quite a bit of stick on this blog in the past, which may have gone over the head of those that do not know him, cos in truth, we love him. We met up today at an anti-BNP type meeting and went for a pint after… and shock horror he paid! The generosity continued with him parting with a copy of his latest CD, ‘Home Thoughts From Abroad’.

Recorded pretty much on the fly during his recent trip to Brazil at various locations on a mini disc the album contains songs penned at various points in his ‘musical journey’, some of them going back quite a few years. Its mostly him, just him, on guitar, harmonica and vocals, although there are two wicked little dubs at the end where some mates provide backing with bass and drums. Oh, nearly forgot, there is also some wild birds singing backing vocals, and various frogs, for the tracks recorded in the rain forest and.. erm.. the Brazilian Army! (?).

Cosmo does not need to think too hard when he writes a song because he is a soul searching philosopher that is constantly thinking about the meaning of life, questioning why life is the way it is, occasionally getting angry about it, wondering what can be done to put it right, and trying to work out whose round it is. When he writes songs he merely opens up his head and lets everyone in on what he is thinking, so here we have songs about love, travel, protests, insecurity and more. It’s a warm little album that makes you feel like you are having a cup of fair trade coffee in his bedsit at 2am, sharing confidences and looking for lighters. Buy it, he needs the money!

Our Cosmo, or Sandor as his mum knows him, thinks too much to fit everything into songs, so the overflow spills into his various blogs, the main one being freedomfortooting. Needless to say, there also be a Myspace



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