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Saturday, March 31, 2007

SAMPLERS WILL TEAR US APART: New transmissions from lost souls

An unexpected package arrived today, a demo of some tracks our old pal Dr Alf has been playing about with. It’s basically three reworkings of old Joy Division Tracks, Transmission, Dead Souls and New Dawn Fades.

Alf has worked his magic to lift the bass lines and some of the lead guitar, then laid them over some nifty drum loops to give us quality drum ‘n bass. The vocals are sung by the Alf himself and it works surprisingly well; there will never be another Ian Curtis but Alf’s vocals fit nicely, occasionally sounding like (he will kill us for this) Brian Ferry. The end results are not too radically different from the originals, but different enough to have made the effort worthwhile. Are they cover versions or re-mixes? Who cares! If ya gonna use proper bass line samples to make some d ’n b, you might as well sample one of rock’s finest bassists!

Will these tracks ever see the light of day? Who knows? There would be major copyright issues to be dealt with but if anyone has got the front to deal with it, it’s Alfonso.



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