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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Enough talk, here it is, the PEPPERMINT IGUANA WEBSITE on line at last

It still aint finished, it will always be a work in progress with new updates coming all the time, but at the moment there are some MAJOR gaps in the site. Ultimately though, we are the only ones that know what those gaps are because at the end of the day the only completed version of the site exists in our head so nobody else knows what is missing. Rest assured there are a lot of funkalicious things to come.

However, we have decided to chuck it online as it is so you can see what we have done. Cos the current site editor is a bit of an amature, depending on which browser you use the bloody pages will look different whcih is a right pain, but there you go, its more proffesional looking than 'Sniffing Glue' was! Hopefully the site being on-line will act as a motivation to us to finish decorating before too many visitors arrive. Please do come back regularly because now it be here, we will be adding things every night… unless we are out doing something else! Mind the wet paint!



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