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Sunday, January 15, 2006

US BOMBS PAKISTAN: Whitehouse a law unto themselves

I woke up in the early hours to find I had left the TV on and was greeted by news 24 informing me that the Americans have bombed Pakistan in an attempt to kill Al Qaeda suspects. Needless to say, they killed 18 civilians and a grand total of zero terrorists.

At first i thouight it was a cheese induced dream, but looking on the web I can see it is actually true. I am struggling to find words on this. What planet is George and his cronies living on? Who on earth do they think they are that they can go around bombing other countries at a whim? Even if they had killed the intended target, who gave them the right to do that? If this suspect were in Europe, would they have bombed him here? Do they not realise that the only thing they have achieved is adding fuel to the terrorists fire?

George Bush is without a doubt the best recruiting sergeant the international terrorist movement has ever had.

Just when you think the world cannot get any madder, they turn the insanity up a notch


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