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Thursday, January 12, 2006

UNLEASH THE BEAST: Grange End fence comes down

Plymouth's 'The Central Element' wave hello through the Grange End fence

The fence that seperates the away fans from the Grane End Massive has been taken down today, recognition that the violence problem at Ninan Park has been virtually eradicated. All that will seperate the fans now will be a line of coppers.

It could go one of several ways, there could be massive rucks with fans trying to get at eachother, or the kids that stand next to the fence goading the away fans will wise up with the prospect of the away firm taking up the offer to 'come and join us over here', resulting in a bit of common sense prevailing.

No doubt there will be a few people put off going on the Grange End now, while a few 'unsavouries' will find it more attractive!

I must say, the timing is a bit odd, our next four home games are Burnley, Millwal, Stoke and Hull, all firms that have 'unfinished business' with Cardiff's Soul Crew.

Should be interesting.


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