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Sunday, January 01, 2006


Scary monsters wandering around the Shambala Festival in the middle of the night

So, what will I remember when I look back on 2005.

Being in Scotland for the Anti G8 protests, including the momentous morning when the summit was disrupted by every single road to Gleneagles being shut down by Anarchists

Four days in Poland to watch Wales playing football, even though we only watched it in the pub.

Visiting Auschwitz. Part of the above Polish trip, but deserves a mention on its own. A day that will live with me forever.

Leeds United away. One of many away games in 2005, but this will stick in my memory for the RAMs being so organised getting around the booze ban and the riot that went on outside when the ‘Service crew’ were trying to get at us.

Shambala Festival. An old favourite comes up trumps with a cracking weekend (again). The line up is somewhat irrelevant at this event; the vibe is so laid back and cool. In danger of becoming a victim of its own success though.

First visit to the Off the Tracks Festival. Cracking site and facilities, will keep an eye out for this in the future, but will only go if there is a decent line up.

Spending 5 months doing a job I actually enjoyed doing and got excited about going to work.

Zion Train in Trinity Hall, Bristol. Still rockin’ tha block after all these years.

Okupational Hazard Squatfest. ‘Ardcore and old Skool. Carlsberg don’t do parties, but if they did ….

Baka Beyond in the Fiddlers, Bristol. One of the most talented bands in the universe.

Me new Fujifilm Finepix F10.

Plus some stuff I have no intention of putting on the net ;-)


At 9:47 am , Anonymous Al Iguana said...

"when we look back at 2006, what will we remember about it"???

dunno, we're only 7 days into it. I predict lots of good tooonz, global warming, and OSX on my PC.

are you drunk? lol ;)


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