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Saturday, January 07, 2006

MMMMM someone hacking my blog... i am flattered

Looks like i am going to have to spend some time undoing the damage done by this bedroom warrior. Once I have done that i will get around to blogging events ove the last week or so.


At 9:20 am , Anonymous Al Iguana said...

Blogger isn't very secure. You should maybe look into Livejournal or something - you can put a filter on your entries where only your "friends" can reply. (You can also make entries that only "friends" can see, but thats a different matter). Its free, try setting one up.

At 4:17 am , Blogger Keys Treasures said...

Wow, your site actually exicited someone enough to hack it. And I work so hard just to get a few comments. Maybe I need to study your blog.

Oh, by the way, are they talking about you here. It seems some like Iguana some don't.


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