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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Purely by accident we happened across the blog ALWAYS SEARCHING FOR MUSIC. It is run by ‘Garychching’ and appears to be him ripping old stuff (mainly punk) off vinyl, uploading it as MP3s into cyber space and posting links.

As I type we are bopping around to the classic punk compilation from 1977 ‘STREETS’. A quick look down the previous posts reveals a wealth of forgotten ‘old skool’ punk classics, dating back to days of old, when punks were bold and mohicans had not been invented, like LONDON, THE ART ATTACKS and… just go and look for yourself. I am sure we will be clicking on the old ‘save target as’ button quite a bit in weeks to come. This is what blogs are for! Nice one Gary.



At 8:56 pm , Blogger Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

came across your blog via ASFM, noticed you were after some Crazy Pink Revolvers, got Wednesday 19.45 12" in a pile to convert and post on my blog, I'll move it to the front of the pile for ya, give us a few days. Nice looking blog you've got here.

At 10:24 pm , Blogger garychching said...

hey clint whats happened to you, you been real quiet?


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