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Sunday, January 27, 2008


No car and a potentially unwelcome garage bill means self imposed house arrest, cleaning the kitchen and updating the website. Hence ……

TOFU LOVE FROGS INTERVIEW: Yes, the Tofu’s are back. Those of you that have been with us for a while will have fond memories of gigs they did for us ‘back in the day’. They were fast, they were furious, they were entertaining and they were messed up on drugs. Has old age got the better of them? Are they shadows of their former selves, just old codgers going through a mid life crisis? The simple answer is no, the only difference is that they now have to take more drugs to get where they used to be… and they do. Read about why they split, what they have been up to, why they got back together and what they plan to do in the future. Expect tales of drugs, losing fingers in boat accidents, weddings at Nenah Cherry’s house, anarchy and e-bay.

GIG GUIDE: A gig guide was always an integral part of the concept of the Iguana Website, which makes it rather odd that we have been online for nine months and have only just got around to it. It is in its early stages and as we type only has dates for February, but keep an eye on it, we be getting there slowly (Cue Al iguana shaking his head in disbelief of the amateurishness of it all). If you hear of anything we should add, let us know.

VIDEO BLOG: After a long period of inactivity we are now posting daily video blogs… well, every couple of days anyway. Check out some of the hottest new bands and some golden oldies

That be it for now, we wont detain you any longer, you are no doubt all in a rush to head on over to You will find links to all the new stuff on the front page. While you are at it.. why not join the mailing list? Go to the bottom of the home page and bung your e-mail in.



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