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Saturday, January 19, 2008

First away trip of season proves to be memorable

Well…. yet another attempt to breath life into this ‘ere blog.

Today me and the Spark drove up to the Midlands to watch West Bromwich Albion V Cardiff City, our first away game of 2008.

We knew that the West Midlands Old Bill were a pain in the arse and would mess the busses about and were quite pleased with how smooth everything went in terms of getting to the game. The busses were taken in convoy from the services (four miles from the ground) on a guided tour that started off an hour before kick off and ended up with the buses arriving at the ground 20 minutes after kick off (what planet are these pratts in blue on, were they trying to start trouble?). We were oblivious to this though, arriving undetected by the old bill and wandering around at will. Really glad we drove rather than went by bus.

The Game was a cracker; with City going ahead 30 seconds after kick off and staying ahead till almost the final whistle. It was end-to-end stuff and the equaliser ironically coming from a City own goal. Final score WBA 3 Cardiff City 3. Nothing to be ashamed of, travelling away to the top of the table and giveng them a run for their money.

The journey home started well, apparently there was a similar run around for the busses on the way home as well. We just walked back to the car park and drove off. Our luck was not to last though, broke down on the M50 with major car trouble. The RAC (when the finally arrived) were flummoxed, so we came home on the back of a truck. Still better than being messed about by the forces of law and order though.



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