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Saturday, June 03, 2006

MORE FREEBIES: Download sites that have come to me attention recently

Right, here is a list of some sites where I have found some tidy music to download over the last few weeks.

VERSIONIST: More dub downloads that you can shake a stick at.

COLLECTIVE DISCHARGE: lots of lovely mash-ups (thanks to SAT for sending us here)

MIMA RADIO: US based web radio station that puts mixes on line for ya to down load, mostly sweet sound of electro groove, downtempo and nu jazz

CRAZY RAY: Go to the bottom of the page and you will find some trancy party stuff to download, not checked out the ‘house’ stuff so cannot comment on what it’s like. Also check out his blog

GLOBAL BEATZ: Appears to be shed loads of stuff aimed at the dance floor on here; you can download mixes or individual tracks, and even listen to their radio station. US based.

DAVE GOODMAN’S JUKE BOX Home of producer Dave Goodman, everything from New Age Radio to the UK Subs, including a techno remix of Splodge’s “Two pint of Lager”

AURGASM: mixed bag of promo stuff to download here, a bit hit and miss but some nice stuff can be found

AND: A couple of bands with downloads worth checking….

RABBIT IN THE MOON: Laid back chilled out drum ‘n bass, a couple of nice tracks to download from their erm… download page (obvious really)

DEAD SILENCE: slightly more in ya face drum ‘n bass, only a couple of tracks but worth checking out

OH… and if you want to work out how to add cue sheets for the long mixes, go to Wikipedia (Fanx Al)


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