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Monday, May 29, 2006

DIGGIN IN THE COAL (EXCHANGE): Sick Note play all day party in Cardiff

Another attempt to see Sick Note again, this time at an all-dayer in the Coal Exchange, Cardiff.

The Coal Exchange was once the hub of Western capitalism, dealing in the huge quantities of coal that were shipped out from the valleys through Cardiff Docks during the industrial revolution. Apparently the worlds first ever Million Pound cheque was signed there.

The coal industry is all but gone, and much of the docks is now full of expensive restaurants and water front apartments, the Exchange has for some time now been a venue for corporate functions, raves and gigs.

Vibration White Finger... must be all the coal they been mining!

We arrived at about 10pm, just in time to catch Vibration White Finger; not quite ska punk, but punk with a hint of ska and a bit of techno chucked in. Somewhere between the Buzzcocks, Mighty Mighty Bosstones and the Chemical Brothers. A good start to the evening.

Two geezers who went on too long

Then there was two geezers, whose name we never worked out, making a noise with just keyboards and vocals (plus occasional bass guitar). A bit like the Pet Shop Boys on testosterone. They started off a bit crap, but improved as they went on and got the house rockin’. They did like the stage though and went on for ages doing six numbers for an encore. Not good when there are more bands to come.

Tootin' Ska Moon, hotter than an Egyptian's jock strap

Tootin’ Ska Moon next. Decent rockin’ ska, more ya Splitters or Bosstones than Top Cats, a nice warm up for the main event.

Sick Note, would you take a doctors paper off this man?

Then it was Sick Note, at about 1:45am. They were even better than the last time I saw them, pounding out sick distorted punk/funk/dub and shaking the whole of the Coal Exchange like an underground collapse in a deep groove mine.

This is only the second time i have seen them, but numbers like 'Give Me Dat Harp', 'Brand Man' and 'Fuck The Pain Away' are all indelibly printed on my brain. A nice selection of visuals made the gig a little bit different from the norm, but then there is nothing normal about these guys!

Sadly, because of some of the earlier bands going on longer than they should have Sick Note were prematurely cut off after only half an hour. A tragedy.

I will bet my bottom dollar that this outfit are going to be the next big thing to come out of Wales.


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You knows it!


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