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Saturday, October 22, 2005

A BOOK IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR A RIFLE: But it does help sharpen one's aim!

The weekend started with a drive up to London for the 22nd Annual London Anarchist Bookfair. The event, as you would imagine, involves lots of stalls selling… you guessed.. books, magazines pamphlets etc all with an anarchist theme. The event gets bigger every year, attracting around 4,000 people throughout the day.

Originally there were 5 of us going but on the day it was down to just two of us, me and me mate Tom from Newport. We cruised along and managed to find the venue without any wrong turnings and very little reference to the A-Z. This year the venue was a resource centre in Holborn, North London, near Arsenal’s Ground. It was by far the most modern venue of any of the Bookfairs I have been to.

There were three large rooms set aside for bookstalls, stalls covered just about every aspect of Anarchism; Confrontational (Class War), theoretical (Aufheben), grass roots housing co-op type stuff (Radical Routes), international (various international groups), local (Bristle and Norwich Anarchists), big(ish) dealers (AK Press) and stalls selling one particular magazine (SchNews/Black Flag). On top of that you had everything from animal rights and anarcho feminists to ‘anarchists in social work’ and much more.

Within and hour or so I had spent more than the ‘limit’ I had set for myself, on CDs, Books, Magazines, Pamphlets and DVDs, so I headed off for one of the numerous meetings going on. I went to ‘Where next after the G8?’; a meeting called by members of the Dissent Network. It proved to be a good opportunity to meet up with loads of old friends from the network from all over the country, but to be honest this was about the tenth meeting entitled ‘Where next after the G8?’ and as yet none of the meetings have come up with an answer. There did seem to be plans for a ‘consulter’ (Zapatista speak for conference) next February, which will hopefully finally come up with an answer of some sort, or at least something that we can work with for a year or so.

Whilst walking from one meeting to another, I got a text telling me City had slammed 6 in against Crewe Alexander, winning 6:1. I had to make a call to make sure it was true. It was. Nice one. A pleasant end to a pleasant afternoon.


At 11:52 pm , Blogger Roy L Doulton said...

So, you spend your time touring the world taking crap pictures of crap places.
I have some questions for you:

1) What the fucking hell is the point in all of your union bollocks? Didn't you grow out of that at the age of 17, or did some genetic disorder prevent your academic development? You obviously have a tunnel-visioned view of the world and, adding this to your social ineptitude, I think your ostensible wackiness cannot hide the real boredom you exude from every pore.

2) I think of this world as a beautiful place, so why do all of your snaps make everything look pretty damned ugly?
My own interpretation is that you are probably a bit of an ugly bugger yourself, and go around stopping clocks all day. In a strangely twisted version of Munchausen by Proxy, you pass off your ugliness onto other things through your camera lens.

3) Punk is dead, mate, and was never really alive. The real punks quit after two or three years, got themselves real jobs, and grew up. What stopped you from escaping eternal adolescence?

4) You think you're pretty clever, don't you, with all of your 'radical' ideas.
I've got news for you: they aren't radical at all. The lazy flea-bitten bastards with whom you sympathise have been using these excuses since time began.
If you had any social conscience you would be preaching true-blue Conservatism to them, not writhing around with the drug-addled bastards in their shit-riddled squats. Why aren't you?

5) You seem to have a morbid bitterness towards everything. Do you think this is good for the future of humanity?
I suspect not and that your real goal is in trying to forge a personality for yourself, believing that people will think you are a bit off the wall.
But they just think you're a boring twat.
So this makes your ramblings a bit selfish, don't you think? Add to this the envy you thinly disguise and we have the perfect socialist.

6) Why don't you get off your sorry arse and do something constructive?


At 9:32 pm , Blogger Clint Iguana said...

You obviously have a very big chip on your shoulder about something. I take it you are the same person that has been hacking this blog.

Your comments are pretty negative and at the end you suggest I do something more constructive, but there is not one constructive suggestion in the whole of this post. I doubt you are capable of original constructive thought.

if you do not like me, fine... bog off and dont bother reading this blog then


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