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Sunday, October 16, 2005

GOLDIE LOOKIN CHAIN SAVED MY LIFE: A nonsensical CD makes me smile and raises me morale

I did the interview thang in Bristle, and then headed straight back to Newport for my union ‘Policy Weekend’. I had not planned on facilitating any workshops, but at the last minute I was asked to facilitate a workshop, with 5 minutes to prepare, without really knowing much about the subject. Then two minutes later I got the news that I did not get the job. Needless to say, as the workshop started my head was in a shed for a while.

I pulled myself together though and battled my way through it, coming out ok at the other end of the workshop. I ran the same workshop in the afternoon and it went much better.

In the evening there was a live band laid on after dinner. I did not bother, I guessed (correctly) that it would be a covers band and rather than sit there moaning I decided to sit in the bar. At first I was buying drinks in the bar, but at £3 a pint I soon found myself wandering back and fore my room to fill my glass from the cans I had there. Eventually I decided to just sit in my room and drink there and chill out. I had planned on going back to see a bit of the band but never got around to it.

My chilled out evening paid off, most others had heads like buckets in the morning. After some report backs from the workshops it was time for home and to listen to the new Goldie Looking Chain CD I picked up in Bristol. I thought it might be an anti-climax after the first 'propper' album (they released several unofficial bootlegs prior to the first album), but it is just as good and there were one or two moments that had me in stitches.

I must sort tickets for their Blackwood gig before they sell out.

Knows the score, smokes the draw, listen's to 'ardcore... you knows it!

The weekend was too crap to photograph, so the above picture is of those darlin's of the 'Port.. Glodie Lookin Chain


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