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Thursday, October 06, 2005

BRECON TO MERTHYR: Taking a few photos on the way back from Builth Wells

Today was rather mundane, other than the fact that I had to go to Mid Wales for a union meeting. On the way back I stopped off to take a few photographs, the road between Brecon and Merthyr is a veritable goldmine of views for the photographer.

Storey arms to Brecon is one of the most picturesque journeys in South Wales, as you come over the brow at Storey Arms you are greeted by the vista of the Brecon Beacons set out before you. Unfortunately there was quite a heavy mist down which, despite being quite beautiful in its own way, is not much use for photography.

Storey Arms to Merthyr presents you with the sight of a collection of reservoirs, supplying water to the valleys and Cardiff itself. Again the mist was a bit of a hindrance.

I took a few snaps, but decided that in the near future I shall return on a clear day and spend a bit more time to get some decent photographs.


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