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Friday, October 21, 2005

CALM BEFORE THE CHAOS: couple of unremarkable days before weekend of anarchy

Nothing particularly eventful for a couple of days, I suppose the most memorable thing was going out to the car in the morning and finding a sheep by my car. Although there are lots of sheep in the valleys, there aren’t any near Iguana HQ, so it must have walked miles.

What else been happening? Well, been to my union branch committee, got landed with two disciplinary cases to deal with, and dealt with some flooding.

The highlight though was taking the iguana kids out for a meal on Thursday night. I had offered all sorts of lovely restaurants, but in the end I gave in and took them to Pi*za H*t. Not sure why they call it fast food, we were hanging around for ages and eventually walked out without desert ‘cos we were fed up of waiting. We went to the Cwmbran H*t, a charming little place in the middle of town, on a clear day you can see the A*da on the other side of the car park. This sounds like it was all dreadful, but I was with me gals, so it was great.

The reason I went to see them mid week is because I will not be able to see them again this weekend, I am off to London Tomorrow, for the London Anarchist Bookfair, then on to a squat party in the night.

To hear MP3s from some of the bands playing and pretend you are there with me, click on the links below, turn the volume up and tip cider all over yourself.

Dead Silence: Suicide Bomber
Head Jam: Ten Floors
Inner terrestrials: Movin Song
The Resarts: Genetic Code
Subsource: Skunk Burner
The Short Bus Window Lickers: Fuck Knows Maniac
Barba Luck: 101 girls


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