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Saturday, June 13, 2009


Taking photographs of railway stations at sunset. One of many things I have been doing when not getting on with the zine

Its that time of year, festivals are around the corner and I ought to be thinking about another zine. Given that I have settled on producing one zine a year, you would think it would be a simple task. I have a knack of making the simplest of things difficult though. I spend a year conducting interviews, accumulating CDS to review and reading books but I still end up rushing the zine together at the last minute. Every year I think to myself, “I will write things as and when they happen so next year it will only take ten minutes”, but it never happens.

This year, things have been complicated by the fact that I have started writing a book on the DIY music scene. The interviews have been much more detailed, and I have been collecting anecdotes from the past, jotting down memories from bye gone years as and when they return to my addled brain. My ‘other’ life (work) has been pretty complicated to say the least, with lots of travelling and long hours. Oh, and I have travelled the length and breadth of the country watching the famous Cardiff City FC.

All excuses really, it is not as if I have not had the time to sit down and knock out a few CD reviews, it is just my brain has been elsewhere. I suppose this is down to me being born in the year of the Water Tiger (any old excuse).

So, time to knock out a zine in double quick time ready for the festival season … which makes my decision to resurrect this blog all the more strange, but I am back. Hold tight, here we go!



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