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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

FA CUP FINAL REHEARSAL? Cardiff 0 West Brom 0

With both Cardiff and tonight’s opposition, West Brom, both involved in FA cup semi finals later this week, it was always going to be a strange game. Would both teams be taking it easy to avoid injury for the big games? Would they be going flat out to ensure a place in the side at Wembley? Would they be going for the psychological advantage of a win, should it come to a rematch in the final? Would all thoughts of Wembley be put out of mind and thoughts be on the little matter of promotion to the premiership?

Prior to kick off a large, but not massive, special Wembley flag was unveiled and given a trial run across the bottom of the half filled bob bank. Mmmmm. If that comes over my head at Wembley I will not be pleased.

Then on to the game. Both managers were resting top names, City actually played the second half without a striker on the pitch, but that did not deter from the excitement. Those that were on the pitch seemed to be making an extra special effort to impress the respective managers. Trevor Sinclair, fresh back from injury, was on top form, if he does not start on Sunday, there will be something wrong.

In the end, a nil nil draw. In the past I have stated (only half joking) that I would rather us lose than draw nil nil, cos it is just boring, but I have to say this was one of the most exciting end to end games I have seen for ages, shame there were no strikers around to put the icing on the cake.

Oh… and this has little to do with this game, but I love this Trevor Sinclair goal from 1997 when he was playing for QPR... as it happens against our opponents at Wembley this weekend, Barnsley… enjoy



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