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Saturday, April 12, 2008

LIKE A DAY AT THE SEASIDE: Cardiff 3 Blackpool 1

"There's only one Ninian park!"
Today we opted for something we have not done for a VERY long time. There was a time when football specials used to take us all the way to Ninian Park halt without needing to change. These days, if you want to go to Ninian Park you have to change at Cardiff Central… no big deal but for some reason it is something we have never bothered to do…. until today. Living next to a railway station it’s almost door-to-door for me, so maybe we will try it again.
"Easy, easy, easy!"
Anyway…. Today’s opposition were Blackpool. No matter who the opposition were it was always going to be a good atmosphere with it being the first home game since the victory in the FA cup Semi final. As it turned out City were on top form and we were unlucky to go into half time with only one goal in the net.
Anarcho Prawn
You can tell it is coming close to the end of an era, even on the Grange end people are starting to sample the joys of prawn sandwiches.

Watching the game on a TV plonked on top of the Grange End bogs
The atmosphere underneath the Grange was relaxed as everyone was trying to get their heads around the fact that we are in the final of the FA Cup. Yes, it was fun… and only slightly annoying that we ended up watching Sinclair’s second goal on the TV in the bar.

The rustic charm of the Grange end. I will miss it when it's gone

Then it was back up to watch the game in the flesh, again we missed the third goal, this time because it was obscured by a haircut!

The station next to the ground. Why on earth do we not use it more?

The consolation goal by Blackpool did not dent the atmosphere and soon it was back to the platform to get the train straight home.

The new ground shaping up nicely in the distance



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