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Saturday, December 23, 2006

FIRE IN THE HOLE!: Top ten new musical discoveries of 2006

This list contains the top ten acts that have flown into Iguana Airspace for the first time in 2006. Some of them have been around a while but not crossed our paths; some of them only sprung to life in 2006. The list deliberately excludes the stuff I have found since setting up a my space account two weeks ago, some of which has been awesome, and sticks to outfits that have helped shape 2007 for us.

Sick Note's single 'Phone in sick', due to make a big splash in 2007
  1. SICK NOTE: Number one with a bullet, no competition here, these guys have almost created a whole new genre (if that is possible these days). Chunky funky back rhythms with infectious groves laid over the top and manic vocals thrown into the mix to create something as original as you can get in these days when everything has been done before. Extra points for some earth shattering live shows.
  2. LE COD AFRIQUE: Seemlessly mixing French, Celtic and Arabic grooves with urban beats to show that just when you think world fusion has been everywhere it can go, someone will find something new.
  3. MARTIN HARLEY BAND: Old fashioned blues/folk mix that sounds as familiar as an old Ry Cooder record one minute, but then takes you places never charted the next.
  4. FAT FREDDY’S DROP: Laid back soulful dub from New Zealand. File under below freezing cool.
  5. MOLARA: Major points dropped for being an old friend and therefore not really new to us, in fact we are not sure she even qualifies for this list, but her new solo work with a backing band made up mainly of old Dubmerge dudes means she forces her way in through the back door.
  6. PAUL MURPHY: DJ/Producer that crates some of the finest jazz/funk/soul we have come across for a long time. His Afro Beat mix was on the car stereo for so long passengers were starting to think it was stuck in the machine.
  7. PLASTIC EATERS: Hardly new, but been hiding away in New York, featuring Stan Stammers of Theatre of Hate/Spear of Destiny and the coolest band ever Crazy pink Revolvers.
  8. CHICKEN SHED ZEPPELIN: Our old mate Ade from the Tofu Love frogs fronts a fiddletastic break neck bluegrass barn punk outfit that will have you up off your bail of hay and jigging about in ya wellies every time
  9. ELECTRIC WIZARD: Heavy Heavy Heavy, stoner rock. The Picture of Satan toting on a bong on the front cover of ‘Dopethrone’ says it all
  10. DIGITAL MYSTICS: Just when you think bass has gone as far as it can go, these guys take it to another level

SPECIAL HONOURS: Two bands that split up years ago but we have only just discovered them

  1. PINK FAIRIES: Been around since the late 60’s, but this year was the first time we got around to listening to them. How could we have lived all these years without them?
  2. LEAF HOUND: Again, old heads, but their one and only album has been ultra rare, mainly due to them splitting before it was released in 1972. Finally released on CD recently.


At 3:22 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

At times like this... Christmas, being a weight on the pocket and on the liver, when you feel like burying yourself in a hole and studying your navel, it takes something special to pull you to your feet, hold your head in the air, with pride, and say...

Thanks for voting us No.1 in you top ten new musical discoveries of 2006...
You have given me the strength to say...
Cheers... Happy New Ears!!!
Doghouse X


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