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Saturday, December 09, 2006

PURSE ON THE MONEY: Cardiff City 2 Ipswich 2

Darren purse hits the back of the net for the second time

A shrewd bit of marketing, guaranteeing a ticket for the home tie against Spurs in the FA Cup to anyone who turned up today, meant a bumper 16,000 crowd for today’s game against Ipswich.

A goal for City in the opening minutes sent the crowd wild, and some good open play by city had everyone in fine spirits, but despite creating numerous chances city’s finishing left a lot to be desired. A penalty for both sides added some excitement to the game, but excitement is not enough to guarantee promotion and city definitely appear to be going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment. Still, third in the league aint bad by any stretch of the imagination.

The lack of finishing on the pitch has not dulled the spirits on the terraces and in the bars though. I am going to miss this ramshackle old ground when we have the new sanitised stadium.


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