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Saturday, October 21, 2006

INFLAMABLE MATERIAL: London Anarchist Bookfair 2006

Headed up to the big smoke for the Anarchist Bookfair again. This time there were two minibuses full of us, rather than the usual car full.

This is increasingly becoming an old boys reunion, meeting up with activists from all over the country that have crossed paths with the Iguana over recent times. The event is worth attending just for the networking, lots of contacts can be made and plenty of plotting can be done over a beer. One pleasant surprise was meeting up with me old mate Vince from the SWP, now living in London.

After a workshop run by one of CAN on ‘Academic Anarchism’ and buying some books we went for a pint in the pub that last year was site of a mini riot (bouncers made sure there was no danger of a repeat this year). As i said in my post at the time, the 'riot' really was a storm in a tea cup, but i found out this week that the 5 people arrested are going to court this week, facing a three week trial, with 25 officers giving evidence, and facing a three year sentence for affray. I really do dispair.

Then it was back up to the fair for a re-run of the meeting we held in Cardiff on mobilising for the G8. … and back to the pub for a few more pints before heading home.


At 6:58 pm , Anonymous vince said...

Good to see you too. For some reason I didnt manage to spot this entry when I first touched down. (Ive replied on an earlier entry I think.) Old age gets us all in the end.


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