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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

JUST A SMALL TOWN IN PORTSMOUTH: Cardiff 1 Southampton 0

Full house on a cold Tuesday Night, things really are on the up

Called over to the Sparks in plenty of time, but somehow we still managed to get caught in traffic and spent ages trying to find a parking space because of the massive 20,000 crowd that had turned out to watch the mighty bluebirds fly.

We eventually got into the Grange End 20 minutes after kick off, to find the terraces rammed to the rafters for this top of the table clash with Southampton. At one point we were contemplating going to watch the game in the bar because we could not find anywhere to stand with a view, but we eventually managed to squeeze in somewhere to watch the two determined sides battle it out like gladiators. The Saints were undoubtedly the best side that have come to Ninian park this season and it was end to end stuff for the whole of the goal less first half.

"That's why we are top of the league"
Half time we met up again with the usual suspects and went to stand with all the ‘yoof’ next to the away fans for the second half. With the end being even more packed than usual and the yoof getting very excited about being top of the league, the view of the game was pretty crap, but the bouncing about when Thompson finally banged in the winner on the 85th minute made up for it.

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