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Saturday, August 26, 2006

WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!!!: Cardiff City reach highest league position for 36 years

The goal that put us top of the league

With the football season seeming to start earlier each year, festivals have got in the way so today was my first match of the season. With only four games played, we were already joint top with Birmingham City, our highest position for 36 years. And today’s opponents were… Birmingham City! Yes, a top of the table clash.

The day started out with a full veggie breakfast in the 1927 Café (1927 being the year City won the FA Cup).

The Popular Bank was very.. erm popular.. today!

Then it was into the ground early.. for this was to be City’s first sell out league game since 1961. I am not sure you can really compare the two though, the capacity is only 20,000 now, where it used to be 57,000.

Just in case you missed it, that goal again but this time a bit closer!

As the game kicked off City were off like greyhounds out of the trap and looked like scoring in the first minute. The pace settled down a little but there was no doubt who were in control of the game. 12 minutes in Joe Ledley banged in the first goal and the capacity crowd went wild.

City kept up the pressure and never looked like they were going to lose. Despite the fact that we have no 'big' star players, this is the tightest little unit I have ever seen in blue, they really do look like a team. One of our star players from last season, Camerone Jerome was in for some serious stick when he came on as sub for Birmingham with the crowd making him eat his words with chants of ‘You should have stayed with a big club’.

Zulus advised to 'sit down and behave yourself'. Always a bit awkward when you have just wrecked your own seats!

As Paul parry banged in the second goal up the other end of the park in the 75th Minute, the Zulus went mad and started ripping out seats to throw at us. The riot police moved in and ‘calmed them down’. First time this has been necessary since we knocked Leeds out of the FA cup when they were on top of the Premiership.

In the past I have seen City play some excellent football but have never been surprised when the blow it at the last hurdle. This team feels a bit different though. I know it is early to be talking of promotion, but… I think this team may well be going up!

'We are top of the league, oh we are top of the league', seems like only yesterday we were singing 'The football league is upside down'.

After the game the Zulus were held back and somehow we managed to find ourselves the wrong side of the cordon to get back to the car when they were let out. Normally this means waiting till they are all on the bus then walking through, but with lots of ‘lads’ out for the sell out game, it ended up with us being chased around Grangetown by riot police, horses and dogs. All very pointless, not big and not clever. We ended up in a pub miles from the car but no matter, WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE.

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