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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Well, it might feel like we have had the longest summer in the history of long summers, but there’s still plenty of staggering about drunk in sun-scorched fields wearing novelty shirts you would not dare wear down the local drinking rough cider and losing your lighters to be done.

Here is a round up of a few of the events still to come.

CARDIFF BIG WEEKEND 4/5/6 AUGUST: its big, its in Cardiff, its on the weekend, and its FREE. Some decent bands tucked away amongst the crap and the biggest mobile fun fair in Wales. (Not as good as it used to be!)

USK MUSIC EVENT 5TH AUGUST: it is in Usk and it is an event involving music… actually a half decent line up, THE DAMNED, 999, THIS SYSTEM KILLS, THE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND(??!!) and many more

CELTIC BLUE ROCK 5TH AUGUST One day thing in beautiful west Wales with Powersteppers

BIG GREEN GATHERING: its big, its green.. you get the picture…. HAPPENING AS I TYPE

ENDORSE IT IN DORSET 11 TO 13 AUGUST: The Iguana tribe will be there… as will RDF, Senser, Hayseed Dixie, the Beat, Pronghorn and many more… will you?

BULLDOG BASH 10th to 13th AUGUST Biker Heaven

SHAMBALA FAMILY CAMP 16 to 20 AUGUST A bit like the Shambala festival, but more kid orientated

EARTH FIRST SUMMER GATHERING 16 to 20 AUGUST : Eco warriors of the world unite

FLOATING LOTUS 18 to 20 AUGUST: gathering near malvern, with Kava Kava, Astralasia, and our butty the Earthdoctor... only 300 tickets!

GREEN MAN: 18 to 20TH AUGUST: Near Brecon, sold out!

BEAUTIFUL DAYS 18 TO 20 AUGUST: levellers gathering in Plymouth, Sold out

SECRET GARDEN PARTY 18 to 20 AUGUST Shhhhh it’s a secret (nice website though)

REGGAE FESTIVAL OF WALES 19th AUGUST Is it on? Is it off? Who knows!

SOLFEST: 25 to 27TH AUGUST: wicked looking do in Cumbria… SOLD OUT

CARLING (READING/LEEDS) AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY: Commercial nonsense from Vince power


CAMP FOR CLIMATE ACTION 26 AUG TO 4TH SEPTEMBER: grass roots activist gathering thing

OFF THE TRACKS 1 to 3 SEPTEMBER Festival in a hotel, much better than it sounds, 45 real ales and Dreadzone

CROW POINT 15 to 17 SEPTEMBER: Celebrating 100 years of Newport transported bridge, with Asian Dub Foundation FREE

This really is scratching the surface. The best resource for festival information is Festival Eye magazine. Unfortunately Andy does not put the dates on line, to encourage people to buy the mag. This years mag is the best ever and worth getting your mits on... even if we are half way through the season!

And if that aint enough for you.... the footy starts again on saturday


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