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Thursday, July 13, 2006

LARMER TREE THURSDAY: Not a proper electric guitar in sight

Loud hats, and even louder dresses

This was the fourth time in about 16 years that I have been to a festival either without my caravan or someone else from the gang having a caravan. So off we set, armed with my new £35 Gazebo and new £7.50 gas cooker and a boot full of Strongbow.

On arrival we set up (not sure how many festivals this gazebo will last, it is a bit flimsy) and commenced drinking. Then about 4ish we headed into he main site for a look around and watched a few bands sound checking.

Afro Celt's Simon Emmerson sound checking

"Finished with my woman cos she couldn't help me with my mind.."
UOGB perform Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid'

UKULELE ORCHESTRA OF GREAT BRITAIN: I have been intrigued by these for quite a while. Their renditions of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and ‘Anarchy in the UK’ are so bizarre they are bordering on genius. At first they come across as just a piss take, but once you get over the idea of the ‘Theme Tune From Shaft’ played by a bunch of white musos playing bonsai guitars, they really are an entertaining bunch. And the ‘garden stage’ of the Larmer Tree Lawns on a summers evening really is the perfect place to catch them. I even bought a copy of their new CD and got it signed by them, which I think is probably only the second time I have asked anyone for an autograph in almost 30 years of gig going.

Nothing anti-social about this lot
SMERINS ANTI-SOCIAL CLUB: We were heading back to the gazebo to get armed ready for ACS when we wandered past the big top. As we passed, this bunch came on. We only saw three or four number because we need to sort our heads out, but they really did impress. Check out the website, they have a handful of wicked MP3s to down load.

ACS wake up the gardens
AFRO CELT SOUND SYSTEM: What can I say; these really do have a special place in the heart of the Iguana. Perhaps the first to mix African, Celtic and techno vibes in one melting pot, certainly not the last. They have provided a blueprint for many to follow but few to come close to equalling them. Tonight they played a storming set that had the gardens rocking (well, as rocking as these gardens get).

Didge and hurdy gurdy thrown into a techno mix. Clearly we were going to get an A to Z of things that make anoise this weekend.

LE COD AFRIQUE: After ACS had closed the main stage we went for a wander. We sat and had a bit of a chill and sampled some potato wedges, but could hear this incredible vibe coming from the Big Top. We went to check it out and found this amazing outfit tearing the tent down with a sort of techno vibe all based around this guy playing a hurdy gurdy as if he was Jimmy Hendrix. They reminded me a bit of the Headmix Collective and I had to trawl my way through all my pockets to find the programme so I knew what it was we were witnessing. The next day the CD stall was my first port of call to stock up on their album.

No, that is not the sun, it is the lights next to the bogs

Then it was back to the gazebo to discover the landmark we had camped next to, to ensure we could find the tent when pissed, was going to ensure we never needed to switch on a torch or light a candle.


At 11:47 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a great time too - but did you have to remind me about that bloody searchlight!!

Love always



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