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Saturday, July 15, 2006

LARMER TREE SATURDAY: the beat goes on

MORE WALKABOUTS: The tea ladies, not original but a classic and still raise a smile.

I will say one thing for the market, there was plenty of colour

ELEPHANT TALK (AGAIN): This time in the big top in the dark and this time in fancy dress. It was after all supposed to be fancy dress day, but not many bothered (unlike the way everyone goes for it at the Shambala)

SHOOGLENIFTY: A definite improvement on the afternoon slot they had at the Workhouse Festival, proper Celtic folk rock as it is supposed to be played. Jigtastic rip roaring stompalong stuff that gave all the Arran jumpers just what they wanted.

It was at the Larmer Tree I first caught this lot, our mate Mez was a massive fan and insited we all went to see them. I was totally blown away that first time and always think about being stood there with Mez, he was tragically killed in a bike accident not long after.. gawd bless him.

MARTIN HARLEY BAND: We sat for a while chilling eating Mexican Fajitas, when these buskers came up and started strumming away. I was fascinated, I thought they were brilliant. As they finished they announced that they were the martin Harley band and would be on stage tomorrow. I made a mental note to check them out properly the following day

BABY HEAD: Bristol based ska/soul/funk/hip hop outfit that well and truly had the big top bumping and grinding. Must make a point of nipping over the Severn bridge to check them out again soon.

DJ ANDREI NIKOLSKY: Twenty-one year old DJ, producer, record collector, multi-instrumentalist and self confessed beat junkie finished the night off with some cracking funky vibes that reminded me on times of Paul Murphy. Nice to know that not all these ‘youngsters’ are into commercial house music. Perfect way to end the night… well no, perfect would have been sitting around the campfire till dawn but we wont go there!


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