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Monday, August 14, 2006

LION AROUND: Stopping off in Longleat on the way home

Monkeys inspect the windscreen wipers of the Iguanamobile

Time to head home from Dorset, via the legendary Longleat. After a fun packed week including three festivals and a trip to the beach, what would Tara remember as her favourite bit? MONKEYS!!!

The Famous Lions of Longleat... dangerous my arse!

"Would you like some nibbles dear?"


At 1:33 pm , Blogger CosmoAKACitizensmith said...

Blimey clart, can't work out which is uglier!

Endorse it - sounds like a right ole larf. Wot a line up! I met Dan and he didn't stop telling me about how good it was. That's right, Dan NOT MOANING about a festie! Looks like it's on the agenda next year innit.

Like th funny blog. Where do you have time to so anything else?


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