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Friday, August 11, 2006

ENDORSE IT IN DORSET: Probably the first day of the festival

Nucleus Roots: Rootical and New line up

A three hour drive, combined with an ‘under the weather’ Tara Iguana and a five pm start for the festival meant we did not get to see much on Friday, but what we did see was top hole dear boy.

Nucleus Roots were first on the agenda, this Manchester based reggae outfit who have been skanking up dancehalls and fields across the nation for a good many years now. The vibrations given out by this new line up were a nice little warm up for the weekend.

Babyhead, zooted and booted

Babyhead were here to entertain us for the second time this summer, bringing their own brand of classy up tempo hip hop infused soulfully dubbed up ska. Are they a club band that go down well in a field? Or are they a festy band that go down well in nightclubs? Who knows, and who cares, they are just seriously slick and professional dudes that cannot be ignored.

Pronghorn, like an out of control tractor driver listening to Metal FM

Pronghorn took time out from organising everything tonight to give us a barn-storming cider-fuelled knees up blending hillbilly, punk, metal, skiffle and polka with a big cheesy grin. Like a Werthers mint covered in manure...... original and best!

A certain member of the Iguana Tribe needed to go to bed, so we missed Neville Staples of the Specials (was not really bothered) and Tarantism. Missing Tarantism was a disappointment, but they would be on again so we could live with that.


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