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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

JOYRIDING RAM RAID: More free music

While we are on the subject of free music, I might as well tell you about a demo CD that landed at Iguana HQ last week. It is the latest project of one time free party DJ Dr Alf.

The Joyriders is pretty much a break from the previous breakbeat/jungle/techno stuff that Alf was involved in back in the last century, although it retains a healthy lack of respect for authority.

This is what Goldie Looking Chain might have sounded like if they had gone down the country and western route, or what Country Joe and the Fish might have sounded like if they were from Pilgwellny. Yep, it’s hillbilly music, but redneck it aint. The ironic humour of the lyrics makes you grin, but still nod your head and think “Yeah, spot on”.

Some of it is old classics with new lyrics, some of it original (at least I assume it’s original, I aint heard them before).

Step back from the lyrics and you have some half decent music, for Country (which I hate). Alf demonstrates that he has been making music in one form or another since long before the sampler hit the scene. The phrase Billy Bragg on crack has just entered my head, but I think we have had enough comparisons.

This is getting dangerously close to being an actual review; which reminds me, I really must get on with the Peppermint Iguana webzine. Alf is planning on a site for all you lovely surfers to download the tracks from, I will post a link fwhen it is sorted.

Right, while I am here.. Al Iguana has read me blog about downloading and has sent me in the direction of DJ River the Swedish chill out DJ. There appears to be loads of downloads on there, I have had a bit of a rummage and it appears to be of the highest order so I will be having a session on there later.

Also, I should have mentioned this before now cos I have had it book marked since I first had Internet access. You can download a shed full of MP3s/MP4s and assorted media stuff from the Zion Train multimedia page and stuff from label mates and friends on the Universal Egg site.

Now I don’t often mention football, but I did mention a disco at half time at Coventry, well you can check out a video of the shenanigans by going to the Valley Rams TV website and clicking on Coventry Away 1st May, most (but not all) of the videos on there are a bit tedious to be honest, but this one is well worth awatch ( be warned it might take a minute or two to download, and i have never yet managed to get it to work with Firefox).

And finally, in memory of me old mate Bloke, there is a website in his memory, appropriately called, and you can view a video of his family and friends performing the Oi Mush song. The original of which an be found here

Right, I am off to have a look at this DJ River site.


At 11:54 am , Anonymous Al Iguana said...

if you like more eclectic mixes (like what Sat does) then head on over to the website of Adam Sky:

(thats Adamski to old fogies like us).

He does brilliant punk/house/rave/pop/indie mashups. Dunno where his old ones have gone, but I've got them on disc if you want them.


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