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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

SO MANY FESTIES, SO FEW BODIES: Two more nice lookin' events for your diary

I love the festival season, but it gets frustrating because there are so many nice little gatherings about now it just aint practical to do all the ones I want to.

Anyway, here are two that have come across the Iguana radar in the last week; both of them look wicked.

SUNRISE SOLSTICE CELEBRATION: A wicked looking gig at a secret location ‘somewhere in Somerset’ (site revealed when you buy ticket) over the summer solstice. Excellent line up.

WORKHOUSE FESTIVAL: Nice little shindig in a beautiful location in Mid Wales. Zion train, Shooglenifty and Tony McPhee all on the same bill and it’s only £30 [just got MY ticket ;-)]

And…. In my previous listing (which can be found HERE) I did not mention the STRAWBERRY FAIR cos it is only a one dayer with no camping, but SAT has brought it up, so I will give it a plug. It has been around for years and pulls some nice bands in..and it is FREE. Never been myself, but it has a tremendous reputaion.



At 4:19 pm , Blogger S.A.T said...

Cheers for the plug:
Here's my Strawb soundtrack for this year:
(It's abit scarey I've been going to the festival on + off for about 27 years....)

Spring In The Shed Boogie

(01) "Back From Africa" - Nickodemus
(02) "Strung Out King" - GHP
(03) "Ritmo Tropical" - Quantic & Nickodemus
(04) "Chicago" - A-KO
(05) "Baria Cumbia Remix" - Los Hermanos Latinos
(06) "Salvador Diaspora (Fort Knox Five Mix)" - Rez Riddem
(07) "Rapture Riders" - Blondie Vs The Doors - GHP
(08) "Time (featuring Corey Harris & Ranking Joe)" - Easy Star All-Stars
(09) "Killer (Dub Remix Edit)" - Boozoo Bajou
(10) "El Pito" - Beatfanatic
(11) "Fire" - A-KO
(12) "The Sweetest" - NOW
(13) "Lent Et Douloureux / Trois Gymnopedies / Satie" - Isan
(14) "Absolutely Fantastic" - S.A.T
(15) "San Roque" - The Ipamenas
(16) "You Wish" - NOW
(17) "Malanotte" - Paul Murphy
(18) "Bring Me Sunshine" - Morecambe and Wise
(19) "Siren 890" - Plumbline/Roger Eno

At 5:08 pm , Blogger James Golding said...

Crikey... I stumbles on this photo of the mushroom seating......I made it! Nice pic, James


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