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Monday, April 17, 2006

CHOCOLATE BLORANGE: A mountain walk on Easter Monday

Look dad, I can see my house from here!
Today daughter number one and I parked by Keepers Pond and walked across Blorange Mountain.

The road from Blaenavon to Abergavenny, past keeper’s pond, reveals one of my favourite views in South Wales. As you come over the crest of the mountain you can see down into the valley with Sugar Loaf and Skirridd mountains rising up in the distance. Half way down the valley there is a little pub called The Cordell Country Inn, which derives its name from the fact that this is the land that inspired Alexander Cordell’s novels; tales of the old iron masters and the misery they inflicted.

The reservoir at keeper’s pond was originally built to serve the forge at nearby Garnddyrus. It is now a favourite venue for water sports and picnicking.

If you park by Keeper’s and stroll out across the ridge of the valley the view gets even better, you can see further up towards Ebbw Vale and across towards Raglan. As you come out towards the peak you have a brilliant birds eye view of Abergavenny itself.

Some people choose to start in Abergavenny and walk up the side of the extremely steep mountain, which is strictly for keep fit masochists, charity fund raisers and mountain goats; but if you park at keeper’s it is a reasonably easy, but invigorating little stroll.


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