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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

STRIKE ONE: Over a million workers on one day strike, but this is just the beginning!

Picket outside Sardis house, Pontypridd (Ironic, as it was once the HQ of the National Union of Mineworkers)

Today was the big day, the biggest strike in the UK since the General Strike of 1926. I was up early and headed off to do my bit on the picket line.

Rhondda Cynon Taff had been pretty accommodating and supportive of the action (which is aimed more at the Government and the local Government Association than individual authorities). They agreed to shut down almost entirely, except for a hand full of workplaces which were kept open for those that felt the need to go in to work and break the strike. On the day only a hand full of people crossed the lines and even Councillors joined us on the pickets.

Mid morning the pickets were called off and we headed down to Pontypridd for a rally with speakers and then marched through the town with what seemed like the whole of the Welsh media in tow.

On the whole, it was a good-natured affair and a very successful day with very few breaking the strike, but unless there is a miracle this is just the first shot of the war and it is possible it could turn very messy in the coming weeks.

For more, see the UNISON website.


At 10:41 am , Anonymous Al Iguana said...

did you have to take the teachers/school staff out with you? nice day out for you lot, bloody pain in the arse for the rest of us ;)


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