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Sunday, February 19, 2006

JIMMY DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE: Radio Two, cr@p, but not as cr@p as it used to be.

I still have difficulty turning the dial to listen to Radio 2, I still think of Jimmy Young and Terry Wogan and the music my parents liked. It has come on over the years though and plays stuff that… well… me kids parents listen to!

I rarely listen to it live because to be honest, a lot of it is still cr@p, but they do knock out a few documentaries that are worth listening to. You can listen to them for a week after they have been broadcast on-line. I am currently listening to ‘The Story of New Wave’, which has some interesting interviews with some of the best ‘post punk’ bands, bringing the story up to date (never thought I would hear killing Joke and Crass on Radio 2).

Check out the documentaries page, but be warned, things don't stay on there for ever!


At 3:39 pm , Anonymous Al Iguana said...

You're behind the times... Radio 2 has been a good station for the last 6 or so years. It's still dodgy in the day, but in the night they have some good shows (reggae, new wave etc)

Not as good as Radio 6 though, which is one long 24hour Peely-a-thon, although you need Sky or DAB to get it. Shame really, because it would grab all the listeners with any taste from Radio 1 and 2.

At 3:42 pm , Blogger Clint Iguana said...

AHHH... but you can listen to radio 6 by going to

At 11:26 am , Anonymous Al Iguana said...

yeah, but who's going to be sat at their computer all day, huh? lol ;)


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