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Friday, November 25, 2005

LOUNGING AROUND: Snowbound in Cardiff Internatinal Airport

Air Wales set me thinking about Indian Jones. At least we were not doing as much damage to the ozone as a proper airplane would have!

Today I was due to fly to Glasgow at 5:30pm, so arrived at the airport at 3:30pm, ready for check in, only to be informed that the heavy snow that had fallen earlier in the day meant there would be a delay. No problem, Me and James, who was going to the same meeting, headed for the bar.

I had never met James before, but as we sat there watching the delay get bigger and bigger, we got to know each other really well and found we had a lot in common. We both love the same music, have an interest in politics, and most importantly on this particular evening, both love cider.

There is very little to do in an airport lounge; once you have looked around the duty free the only thing left to do is drink, so we drunk!

It was gone midnight by the time we took off, so by the time we got to Glasgow James and I had consumed a fair amount of Strongbow and knew each other quite well.

It was 2am by the time we landed so had to get a taxi to the hotel, luckily I could claim it back, cos cheap it wasn’t. When we finally got to the hotel, at about 3am, the bar was shut so it was an early night for us, then up bright and early for breakfast.


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