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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

B-RIGHT-ON: Another night on the Grange End

It may not be the best view on the pitch, but you cannot beat being right behind the goal when City score

Went down to the legendary Ninain Park tonight, the home to the greatest team in football the world has ever seen. Watched the City chuck away a one nil lead for a draw against Brighton and Fuckinghove Albion.

For the first half me and me bro Sparky stood right behind the goal on the grange end. Not the greatest view in the ground, but cant be beaten when the city bang one in right in front of you.

At half time we met up with a few mates in the bar, then we went to stand with them for the second half. I felt like an old man, they stand behind the goal with all the chavs that spend most of the game goading the opposition. It is the nearest section to the away fans and only a fence and a cordon of police separate them, so many of the chavs are just stood there chanting things like ‘Harold Shipman is out friend, he kills English’ (I like a laugh but this is just plain sick as far as I am concerned), and ‘come and join us over here’. I am glad no-one takes up the offer to join us, cos the lads shouting it are mostly school kids who would bottle it and run.

What with Brighton having a bit of a reputation for sexual liberation, some of the chants were less than politically correct. They started with ‘Your going down with the Millwall', which quickly progressed to ‘your going down on your boyfriend’, and ‘you only sing when your winning’ evolved into ‘you only sing when your rimming’. I think you get the picture.

Despite all the above negatives, when City slammed in a goal it was awesome, everyone in the chav-end went mad, making up for all the nonsense.

Sadly, we f*cked it up and let the Albion equalise. Still, one point is better than none! Onwards and upwards!


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