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Monday, February 08, 2010


Cosmo, Cardiff’s very own ‘Rebel without Applause’, has put a free sampler album on line for peeps to download and consume at their leisure. Think you have heard it all before? Well you haven’t (unless you have already heard this album, obviously), cos there are two new and exclusive tracks. Oi Mush, Suicide Bomber in your Heart, F@ck the BNP…. All the classics are here; and more.

We have given him some stick in the past, but that is just cos we love him. The guy really is a diamond; his combination of social insight, philosophical musings, political awareness, cultural appreciation, poetic genius, self depreciating humour and drunkenness, together with a natural talent on the guitar, provides us with a treat for your head heart and feet. He makes Billy Bragg look like a Tory and makes Jasper Carrot look like a comedian.

Download it, bung it on ya MP3 player and get strangers wondering why you are smiling to yourself while walking down the road.... GO HERE INNIT

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