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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baka Beyond Interview

Since 1993 Martin Craddick and his wife Su Hart have been deeply involved with the Baka people of Cameroon. They have sampled them, made music with them, made music inspired by them, recorded them in the rain forests and created an amazing back catalogue of genuinely afro-celtic music. In the process they have helped the Baka, promoted their cause, built a music house with them, helped them build a school, taken them on tour and put on a festival in Cameroon.

Baka Beyond, the musical project that has grown from all this, is undoubtedly unique. Not just doing the odd benefit for the Baka, helping the forest people has been the band’s Raison d'être for seventeen years. But they are not just people with a good heart, they are also bloody good musicians who put on a damn fine show. We sat down earlier this year for a chat with Martin. It would be impossible to cover everything they have done in the last two decades, but we hope it will whet your appetite and set you off on a journey to find out more.

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