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Saturday, February 10, 2007

SCRAP HEAD: Better late than never


Back in September of last year I ordered a copy of ‘Wiztonic’ by Headjam from brighton based Scrap Records. For three months I have been stood at the end of the street each morning waiting for the postie to deliver it. With all the snow this week it was getting cold out in the street so I e-mailed them to find out where my CD is. Within 48 hours poor old postie was slogging his way in the snow up the drive, past the guard dogs, to get up here to Iguana Mansion with me CD…. Well, almost.

The CD is out of print so a CDR copy had been sent with a promise of a proper one when they are reprinted. As a bonus prize for me patience a copy of the ScrapkillarRoadmovie Volume 1. You have redeemed yourselves scrapheads, you might be slow but its better than dealing with HMV. Nice one Garry.

HEADJAM: Wiztonic: About as hardcore as they come, anarcho ska punk with a heavy dubby psychedelic edge. Renowned for bucking against the system, we have caught them live a few times, most notably at the ‘eco village’ convergence space set up for protestors at the 2005 G8 in Scotland and at and all night squat party following the Anarchist Bookfair in London in 2005. This CD captures them perfectly, mean moody dark and psychopathic, it may well find itself stuck in the iguana-fi for some time to come.

SCRAPKILLARROADMOVIE: A collection of videos put together by Scrap Records, which is a sort of collective of underground free festival traveller types based around the remains of 2000 Dirty Squatters. It features bands such as 2000 DS, Theodore Bastard, Missing Teeth, Dead Silence and.. Headjam! Mixing live footage, graphix, videos and interviews it is suitably crusty, punk and vegan. It includes footage of Treworgey Tree Festival in 1989 (where I went for me honeymoon) and one of 2000DS going back home to Cwmbran (Valley of the crow) and climbing up Twmbarlam ‘Tump’, which is just down the road from iguana HQ. All in all it is a cracking little antidote to your usual corporate video release. Keep recycling dudes!



PS: Thanx to secret squirrel who bought this as a birthday present for me... shame it did not arrive in time for me birthday, but if we order something else now it might arrive in time for me next birfday!


At 8:03 pm , Blogger sam said...

Headjam are cool! Have you got 'Irreversible Effects' and 'Exodus Gathering 6 03 am 29.08.99'? Will do you copies if you haven't. Gary sent me that scrap movie DVD last year it's well good innit? I've just leant it to Mr. Reno actually, he's also got my copy of Battle of the Beanfield which I couldn't believe he hadn't seen. I hope you're gonna be kind to me next saturday when I loose my football match virginity at Cardiff! See you then x


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